Free Space Planning & Design

North American Office Furniture, Inc. has been designing and planning office space for over 30 years. We work with architects CAD drawings as well as our own team to creat a modern, budget minded, functional space for your office needs. We believe the design should reflect an office environment that will directly impart your personal needs and productivity

North American Office Furniture, Inc. will redesign your current space or maximize your new floor plan to handle your next project. Whether you are planning for one employee or a dozen, we can design your office space so that you will be able to add to the design in the future as need be. Flexibility is key. We offer a showcase of office collections to meet any budget. Remember, we believe that design changes everything, a belief has set us apart from other in the Washington Metro area for over 30 years. 

To learn more about our FREE Space Planning & Design Service, contact us by phone at 703-938-3672 or visit us in our showroom and talk with Jack Tochterman personally. Jack will also come to your office or home, whichever works best with your schedule. Believe me, after one visit, you will have ideas and drawings that will enable you to get your project up and running. 

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